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Word from the President and the General Manager

Word from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Superior of the Notre-Dame de Mistassini monastery

To everyone visiting this site,
To all those who enjoy our chocolates,

Why ever would we monks get involved in producing chocolate?
To answer this question, we have to go far back in time.

For centuries, monks have always tried to live through what they created with their hands. This is part of our identity. For those monks who normally lived in the countryside, it goes without saying that agriculture and the food industry took a major place in monastic life.

Each community lived in a well-defined place with their own history and developed specific fields of action. At Mistassini, through circumstances, the monks became owners of a small candy store that has evolved over time, into the chocolate factory of the Mistassini Trappist monks.

A monastic community such as ours is the bearer of Gospel values. We would not be honest with ourselves if these values did not transpose themselves into all our lives, including our work. These values comprise respect and fairness, honesty, transparency and a job well-done.

Today, the chocolate factory is still the property of the monastic community, and monks form the Board of Directors.

The labour has always been shared between religious community and employees from abroad. The latter now comprise almost all the labour. However, it is essential for us to convey to our employees, not only our expertise in manufacturing chocolate but also the values we uphold.

We are extremely proud of our chocolate factory, the work of our employees and the products we create and offer.

Word from the General Manager and co-owner

To all you who love our products, and to those who are a bit slow in discovering us,

What pleasure and pride to learn and evolve with the Mistassini monks. In this age when everything is so fast, it is still clearly possible to work in harmony with values that allow a team to completely fulfill itself.

On the food market for more than 75 years, the chocolate factory has been a well-known Québec emblem and icon recognized by many of you. We are committed to producing quality products that taste good at a fair price.

It's an honour for us to work here, but it is also a great responsibility, because every action contributes to the final quality of well-known products which are consumed by people who have confidence in us.

Have a great visit and good tasting.

Retailers, Brands, distributors,

Do not hesitate to contact us. The chocolate factory is a semi-artisanal, traditional, midsize business with a relatively large production capacity thereby ensuring a reliable supply.

•Our products are ‘’Food made in Québec’’ certified.

•Our full product line is peanut-free, nut-free, egg-free, with no sulfites and gluten

•Trappist products, known for their quality and ongoing guardians of a rich historical image.

Dominique Genest

General Manager and co-owner