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Welcome to the Christmas world!

The Traveler Reindeer

Here is the reindeer traveler from the Chocolate Factory of the Trappist Fathers of Mistassini. Its mission is to collect the wish lists of all children and bring them to Santa Claus.

The Chocolate Leprechaun

Here is the chocolate goblin. His job is, among other things, to make the little chocolate sprites that are in this box.

The scrolls

Two scrolls that tell the story of the characters and explain how the activities to be carried out.

Decorate your Christmas tree with chocolate sprites

Have fun hanging these elves in the Christmas tree using the ribbons in the box. When you taste them, keep a small piece of chocolate to share with the elves who visit your house overnight.

Leprechauns love chocolate!

Create your wish list and enter the contest

Using parchment 2, write, draw, or glue pictures of your Christmas wishes. To participate in our contest, send us a photo of your list.

Discover this brand new activity in pictures!

Here is a small educational video which presents the contents of the box and which explains how to carry out the activities which are found inside the box!