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Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean- Jam maker : wild blueberry ÉCONOMUSÉE


The sweet taste of wild blueberries

The family business Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean, specializing in wild blueberries, is committed to offering products made with these wonderful small berries, emblematic of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Jam makers Émilie and Marie-Soleil Gaudreault, along with their mother Lisette Paré, gently handle the fruit to make sure they preserve its wonderful flavour and excellent health properties. These artisans, who combine many years of experience, make a living from their passion, a passion that is embodied in their delicious creations. When you stop by the blueberry enterprise, located right in the heart of the municipality of Albanel, get some delightful products to bring home and put a touch of freshness on your plate!

Directions and contact :

Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean 

170-A, rue Principale, Albanel (QC)

418 515-0359


Cristal du Lac - Prospector ÉCONOMUSÉE


From the mine to the jewel

Cristal du Lac is a family-owned company located in Metabetchouan-Lac-à-laCroix, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, which operates in the crystal and quartz mining industry. Driven by the desire to share their passion and their know-how in mineralogy - specifically for quartz crystals-, the Chrétien-Belley family provides visitors of all ages with several prospecting activities.

In Metabetchouan, visitors will learn more about the various uses of crystal through mineralogical explorations, express prospecting activities, and an on-site shop. Also, a mine excursion activity is available to try out the trade of crystal artisan-prospector. 

Directions and contact :

Cristal du Lac

1840, route 169, Métabetchouan (QC)

418 213-0702


Boulangerie Perron - Bread making ÉCONOMUSÉE


Fresh and flavourful bread!

Enter Boulangerie Perron in Roberval and revel in the smell of fresh bread made the old-fashioned way. In addition to the unmistakeable aroma, follow the story of one of the oldest bakeries in Roberval. Learn the secrets of the trade and of bread, a staple food for mankind, but also a source of social unrest. Tour the premises to discover the steps in bread making. Observe Clément Perron at work, from his choice of raw ingredients to the final product. And don't miss out on the shop's delights! Take advantage of your visit to purchase a loaf of fresh bread. From unleavened bread to exquisite pastries, Boulangerie Perron offers a gourmet experience with an artisanal flavour. 

Directions and contact :

Boulangerie Perron de Roberval

637, boul. Saint-Joseph, Roberval (QC)

418 275-1234

Miel des Ruisseaux - Beekeeper ÉCONOMUSÉE


A passion for bees

As a young man, Patrick Fortier used to accompany his grandfather Marcel as he made the rounds checking his beehives. Once Patrick became a farm producer, his interest for beekeeping led him to start Miel des Ruisseaux with the unconditional support of his spouse, Shirley Tremblay. The enterprise offers different varieties of liquid and creamy honey: clover, buckwheat and blueberry. Miel des Ruisseaux also specializes in mead, featuring the popular Le Rêve bleu made from blueberries. Candy, spreads and other sweets complement the product line. During a visit to Miel des Ruisseaux, you can even observe a fully active hive or live a virtual reality experience that will make you feel like you are part of the beehive!

Directions and contact :

Miel des Ruisseaux

2920, route du Lac Ouest, Alma (QC)

418 668-7734