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Plan a group visit!

Visit the Chocolaterie as a group

Obtain directions

Plan your visit

Come visit us with colleagues, family and friends and enjoy a guided tour where you’ll learn everything there is to know about the history of the Pères Trappistes and our chocolate production.

Weather permitting, you can also take advantage of our magnificent site complete with swings and picnic tables.

Self-guided visits and access to the site are free at all times.

Guided tours cost $5 per person.

Free for children 2 and under.

Group offers

Choose your favourite among the following options:

· Tour the Chocolaterie’s Economuseum

· Visit the chapel and the monastery’s photo exhibit

· Meet with Father Marcel and learn more about monastic life

· Participate in religious services (restrictions apply)

· Enjoy product tasting

· Experience our outdoor thematic circuit

· Take an interactive guided tour through the BaladoDiscovery app

Additional Information

· 7 bathrooms on site

· Accessible to people with reduced mobility

· Coffee machine (espresso, latte, cappuccino)

· Facilities and outdoor playground for young and old alike

· Picnic tables

For more information on group visits, please call 418-276-1122, or email us at