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Nos petites poules en ont fait sourire des petits cocos.
Ensemble depuis 1939
Nos écureuils en ont vu des petits qui se font des réserves.
Ensemble depuis 1939
Nos guimauves en ont entendu des blagues de papa.
Ensemble depuis 1939
Ensemble, on en a vu des bons soupers s'éterniser
Ensemble depuis 1939
Nos fondants aux fruits en ont partagé des fous rires.
Ensemble depuis 1939
Ensemble, on en a vu des familles se réunir
Ensemble depuis 1939

More than 40 different products.

Between 40 and 60 employees according to the time of the year.

More than 145,000 boxes of chocolate covered blueberries produced and delivered in 6 weeks during the blueberry season.

A company that processes, sells and directly delivers its products throughout Québec 12 months-a-year.

Today's chocolate factory represents decades of effort and development by the Trappist Monk community. This work is, also, the passion and pride of its workers that give the company its strength.

More than 3 million little 22 gram hens produced annually.