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Frequently asked questions

About our products

Can we buy your products online?

We're sorry, but right now we are not selling any of our products online (coming soon :)) please contact us at: 1-800-461-3699 or by e-mail at:

Do your products contain peanuts?

No, all our products are peanut-free.

Your products contain nuts?

No, all of our products are nut-free.

Do your products contain gluten?

No, all of our products are gluten-free.

Do your products contain sulfites?

No, all of our products are free from sulfites.

Do your products contain eggs?

No, all of our products are egg-free.

Do your products contain milk products?

Yes, some products contain milk. Others, like dark chocolate may contain it.

Are your products made with real chocolate?

Yes, all our products are made with real chocolate.

What is the percentage of your dark chocolate cocoa?

Our dark chocolate cocoa percentage is 50%.

What are the origins of the cocoa beans used in manufacturing your chocolate?

The beans grow + or - 10 ° from the Equator. High quality beans from different origins quality are used. Blending is then performed, which gives a unique taste to our chocolate. The exact recipe has remained a well-kept secret :).

Are your products made with fair trade and/or organic chocolate?

Our products are not made with fair trade and/or organic chocolate and are not sold as such. Of course, raw material supply is an important issue, but it represents only a part of our impact on the environment.

Our sustainable and innovative strategic planning has guided us in many directions, including achieving responsible global efficiency that is linked to the optimization of our activities.

For this reason, over the next three years, we will review all of our processes, from the health and safety of our workers, and our impact on the environment, to the company’s engagement in our small town north of Lac-Saint-Jean.

Incidentally, our corporate social responsibility integrates this value, and it would not be harmonious to act in any other way.

Are your products certified by Aliments du Québec?

Yes, all our products are certified by Aliments du Québec.

Are the dark chocolate covered blueberries available year round?

No, for the simple reason that they are made from fresh, wild blueberries picked by hand daily.

The dark chocolate covered blueberries are only available during the harvest period at the blueberry farm in Lac-Saint-Jean (from mid-July to mid-September).

What is the best way to keep chocolate?

It is best to keep chocolate somewhere cool and dry.

What explains the whitening of chocolate?

The white layer that sometimes appears at the surface of the chocolate is the migration of fat to the surface. This reaction may be caused, among others, by too great a variation in the storage temperature of the chocolate. Although less attractive, the chocolate is safe for consumption.

Can we freeze chocolate?

Although tastier fresh, chocolate can be frozen. It is strongly advised to place it in a tightly closed bag to protect it against the smell of other food and moisture.

To ensure maximum flavour after defrosting, keep chocolate in its packaging during this period at room temperature.

About the Mistassini Trappist Monks

In what year did the Trappist Monks arrive in the region?

The Trappist Monks settled in Mistassini in 1892.

Is it possible to visit the Chapel and to attend prayers and mass?

Yes, you may visit the chapel at any time. Also, you can attend daily prayers as well as mass according to the on-site schedule.

How many Trappist Monks currently live at the monastery?

Currently, there are 9 Trappist Monks living at the monastery.

In what year was the current monastery built?

The monastery was built in two phases. The first phase was completed in 1980, and the second phase was carried out from 1988 to 1992.

What can we do on-site?

Is it possible to visit your plant?

For reasons of hygiene, food safety and control of allergens, it is not possible to visit the manufacturing plant. If production is underway, it is possible, via a window fitted out for that purpose, to observe our employees at work.

What can we do at your site?

Click here to visit Tourism section

Is there a restaurant at your site?

No, there is no restaurant service at our site but you can enjoy our family space equipped with picnic tables.

Is the parking lot large enough to accommodate recreational vehicles?

Yes, our parking lot contains sufficient space to accommodate several recreational vehicles.

Is it possible to have group tours?

Yes, it is possible to have group visits. To do this, please fill out the form via our Web site. Click here the see the page.