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Discover the Story of the Chocolaterie des Pères Trappistes

A local initiative

In 1939, a group of Dolbeau citizens formed a committee of industrial initiatives: one for wood, one for clothing and one for food.

From this initiative, a candy shop was born which was the ancestor of the chocolate factory you know today. Equipment was purchased to make a candy called "the candy of the Lake’’.

At the end of the first year of operations, the company had invested more than $5,000. Inventory of goods and candy rose beyond $4,000.

The assistance of the Trappists is appreciated

Due to the war, in 1941, the company had to close and was acquired by a citizen who sought help from the Trappists to run the business. The equipment then relocated to the basement of the Abbey Church. The company was named Bonbons Saguenay at that time.

In 1944, the Trappists finally purchased machinery and became the sole owners under the leadership of Father Samuel Scher. In addition to manufacturing candy, the Trappists undertook production of Easter (chocolate) novelties. Over the years, the production of chocolate would become the company’s primary activity.

The Mistassini Trappist Chocolate Factory is born!

However, in 1978 it was officially incorporated into a chocolate factory and its name was officially changed to today’s: La Chocolaterie des Pères Trappistes de Mistassini.

The labour has always shared between employees from outside and the religious community which is the still the major owner of the company. The chocolate factory's mission is to meet the community’s needs.

Decades of effort

Today's chocolate factory represents decades of effort and development by the Trappist Monk community. This work is, also, the passion and pride of its workers that give the company its strength.

It's an honour for us to work here, but it is also a great responsibility, because every action contributes to the final quality of a well-known product which is consumed by a person who has confidence in us.

125 years of history!

During their 125-year history, the Trappists monks of Mistassini have enrolled themselves in a long tradition of innovation in the service of quality, both at the farm level (milk, cheese and butter) and at the chocolate level.