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Our passionate team

Our management team

It's an honour for us to work here, but it is also a great responsibility, because every action contributes to the final quality of well-known products which are consumed by people who have confidence in us. With this in mind, and in close cooperation with the Trappists of Mistassini, the entire team works every day to be worthy of this trust.

Our operations team

Passion for chocolate! A team passionate about its job and motivated by the satisfaction of chocolate lovers.

Rigour at work! All the required skills and professionalism to live up to the reputation of the chocolate factory of the Mistassini Trappist monks.

A committed team

Human values at the service of the company!

Alison Marceau-Prévost

Administrative Support

418 276-1122 poste 25

Carl Dubois

Technical Assistant

418 276-1122 poste 21

Line Lessard

Sales Coordinator

418 276-1122 poste 25

Lise Lavoie

Customer Service

418 276-1122 poste 37

Cindy Vaillancourt

Marketing and Tourism Manager

418 276-1122 poste 58

Émilie Villeneuve

Quality Control Department

418 276-1122 poste 27

Steve Trottier

Plant Manager

418 276-1122 poste 24

Bruno Lefebvre

Finance Manager

418 276-1122 poste 31

Marie-Claude Gay

Marketing and Tourism Coordinator

418 276-1122 poste 58

Dominique Genest

General Manager and Co-Owner