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Mission and values

Our mission is constantly evolving

To provide for the financial needs of the Mistassini Trappist monk community by manufacturing quality products in a welcoming setting that conveys their local history.


Social responsability

  • We respect each other: employees, suppliers, partners and customers;
  • We gauge our success by its positive and lasting impact, both on our organization and on our living environment.


  • Our products are of impeccable quality;
  • Our customer experience is memorable;
  • Our business practices are guided by exemplary ethics.


  • We are learning, evolving, evaluating our methods and innovating;
  • We are actively contributing to the organization’s development;
  • We are approaching change in a positive way;
  • We are maintaining a commitment to joy.

Talent development

  • Our open-mindedness encourages creativity;
  • Our team spirit encourages the use of everyone’s individual strengths.

The mission and values of our chocolate factory

The Chocolaterie des Pères Trappistes of Mistassini is a company that belongs to the monastic community. As such, its mission and values are deeply rooted in the community where it was founded.

Today, the chocolate factory exists for the purpose of helping the monks provide for their financial needs and helping the monks integrate into local society in a way that is representative of their principles.

Any commercial enterprise in a monastic community is held to high standards of exceptional honesty, transparency and authenticity. The desire and need for profit cannot be at the expense of these values.

The monks are guided by standards that include producing outstanding products, mutual respect in the workforce, and high esteem for our customers, suppliers and partners.

According to the rule and the law of our Order, the superior must be attentive to matters relating to each of the brothers and for the community as a whole. He must therefore ensure that the brothers can access work that is suitable to their temperaments, training and progress in their lives. Their work must stimulate personal growth and the acquisition of knowledge. If these values are also applied to the company, it must then promote each person’s individual fulfillment.

Our lives are closely connected to our community. This connection demands that we put the well-being of others before our own. In this sense, we respect shared spaces and goods. We are also individually responsible for participating in the growth of the community and in ensuring its harmony.


Dom Clément Charbonneau
Abbé de Notre-Dame de Mistassini